The Signed Integers MasterClass

Scheduled for April 30, 2021

Value $380 HT

Mastering the computation with signed integers

  • Discover the negative numbers
  • Construct the two-sided integer line of integers Z
  • Compare and order integers of any signs
  • Add , subtract and multiply integers of any signs
  • Discover integer polynomialls
  • Exponentiate integers of any sign
  • Divide non-zeros integers when integer division is possible
  • Practice the signs rules for inequalities
  • Discover calculation modulo a positive integer p, and the quotient set Z/pZ

That course will include:

  • 58 high quality video lectures,
  • 10 downloadable recapitulative documents, one per section, with all the proofs.
  • 10 intermidiate tess, one per section, with a process to have them corrected
  • One final assessment, to submit to correction and grading

And when the final assessment is successfully passed, the students will get a module cerificate.