The Natural Integers MasterClass

delivered May 30, 2020

Value $380 HT

Mastering the construction and manipulation of the Natural integers

  • Count and construct the natural integers set
  • Prove theorems by recusion, a powerful method of proof
  • Order the natural integers set
  • Add, subtract and multiply the natural integers
  • Powers of 10 and scientific notation
  • Exponentiation of the natural integers
  • Comparison and addition/subtraction
  • Comparison and multiplication/exponentiation

And the course includes a final project: the combinatory binomial coefficients and the binomiel theorem.

That course includes:

  • 54 high quality video lectures,
  • 10 downloadable recapitulative documents, one per section, with all the proofs.
  • 10 intermidiate tess, one per section, with a process to have them corrected
  • One final assessment, to submit to correction and grading

And when the final assessment is successfully passed, the students will get a module cerificate.