The Natural Integers MasterClass

Value $380

The aim of that course is to give you the mastery of the construction and manipulation of the natural integers, the numbers we count with.

Starting with practical animated graphics, and Python manipulations, you will become by the end of that course a master in:

  • Counting and constructing the natural integers set, from zero to infinity
  • Comparing natural integers, and ordering the natural integers set
  • Adding, subtracting and multiplying the natural integers, including doing all these operations in a unique formula.
  • Understanding the powers of 10 and the exponential notation
  • Exponentiating the natural integers, and manipulating polynomials
  • Comparing the results of additions and/or subtraction
  • Comparing the results of multiplications and/or exponentiation

At the top of all that, you will master the powerful proof by recursion, a tremendously useful method of proving theorems, based on the natural integers set construction.

That course includes 39 high quality video lectures, plus 9 downloadable recapitulative documents, one per section, with all the proofs.